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Have you seen OHCS's Strategic Goals Media Campaign?  OHCS recently launched a campaign of videos for its' 2017 Strategic Goals.  View the first group of videos by clicking the links below:

2017 Strategic Goals Overview with Director, Margaret Salazar

Goal #1: Build a stronger OHCS that engages, supports and challenges employees. (Chief Financial Officer, Caleb Yant)

Goal #2: Build a stronger OHCS that engages and serves our communities. (Acting Assistant Director of Public Affairs, Kenny LaPoint)

Goal #3:  Work to close the affordable rental housing gap for low-income households. (Assistant Director of Housing Finance, Julie Cody)

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Annual Awards Gala | September 18

 Fall Industry Support Conference | September 19

Oregon Convention Center | Portland


Our vision is that all Oregonians have the opportunity to succeed in life. Opportunity begins in sustainable communities where a variety of people have a place to call home and an income sufficient to meet their basic needs. 


Our mission is to support and strengthen our members through advocacy, communications, peer learning, and best practice development. 


Equity of opportunity is the core of what Oregon ON stands for. Equitable access to resources and opportunity is the means to healthy, economically vibrant people and communities.   

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We are a dynamic network of community development organizations, partner agencies and businesses. 

 We work throughout Oregon to ensure that hardworking families, seniors, and people with disabilities have a safe, decent, affordable place to call home

 Oregon ON strengthens members, the industry, and communities.

  • Advocating for housing opportunity at the local, state, and federal levels.

  • Providing opportunities for training, technical assistance, and peer support.

  • Developing new opportunities for partnership and cross-sector collaboration.

  • Connecting our members and partners with news, best practices.


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We know that a stable, affordable home is the key to health and prosperity. 

We cannot meet any of our long-term health or education goals when thousands of Oregon schoolchildren are experiencing homelessness. 

Yet housing costs continue to rise, vacancy rates are at all-time lows, and too many families are locked out of the market.

Our Network of Voting Member CDCs, Housing organizations, and Affiliate Member partners
continue to create access to opportunities that make Oregon communities thrive. 



Oregon Opportunity Network

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