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OREGON Opportunity Network advocates for housing resources and policy 


As a statewide association of affordable housing and community development organizations, Oregon ON members work on the front lines in communities across the state. 

We know that a stable, affordable home is the key to health and prosperity. We cannot meet any of our long-term health or education goals when over 20,000 Oregon schoolchildren are experiencing homelessness. Yet housing costs continue to rise, vacancy rates are at all-time lows, and too many families are locked out of the market.

Oregon ON  advocates in Salem during each legislative session for housing opportunity through increased resources and improved policies. Our legislative agenda is developed by our Board-appointed Legislative Committee, working closely with our contract lobbyist along with our partners at the Housing Alliance. The agenda will continue to be updated as we move into and through the session.  Click here to download our 2017 Legislative Agenda

Our priorities: 

Reform Oregon’s Mortgage Interest Deduction:  HB 2006 would have generated $293 million new revenue for affordable homeownership, rental housing and homelessness. While the bill did not advance this session, we will continue to work with our coalition partners to push for reform of our state's largest housing subsidy. 

Learn more about our #MIDRemedy:  

Increase Supply of Affordable Rental Housing

    • Increase Document Recording Fee by $20 (HB 3357)
    • Authorize $100 million additional LIFT bond funding (SB 5505)
    • Increase Oregon Affordable Housing Tax Credit (HB 2852)
    • Preserve existing affordable housing
    • Create land acquisition program (HB 2912)
    • Agricultural workforce housing – operations tax credit (SB 1)
Create Homeownership Opportunity
    • Down payment assistance (HB 3192)
    • Funding for repair and rehabilitation (HB 2961)
    • Funds for foreclosure counseling
    • Revolving loan fund for new homes  (HB 2570)
    • Set aside $20 million of LIFT bonds for homeownership

Increase Tenant Protections (HB 2004) 
    • Establish "just cause" eviction standard
    • Allow local governments to pass their own rent stabilization ordinances

Each year Oregon ON holds a "lunch and learn" event in the Capitol for legislators and their staff. During session, we work with our partners and members to testify and advocate in support of our agenda. Following session, we give out Housing Champion awards to key legislators at our fall Awards Gala. 

Issues we've championed in the past several legislative sessions include:

  • Lifting the statewide ban on Inclusionary Zoning - Oregon ON was one of four lead organizations in the Inclusionary Zoning Coalition.

  • Renewing and extending the Agricultural Workforce Housing Tax Credit - Oregon ON convened a statewide coalition of housing, agricultural interests, and farmworkers to secure this vital resource.
  • Tracking and supporting key policy changes around governance of the state's housing agency, our Housing Stability Council, and implementation of the new LIFT housing development program.

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