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Oregon ON Members are the neighbors you can count on.

Our members serve 

over 300,000 people each year.

 That's more than the populations of 
Salem, Albany, and Corvallis put together.

Our members have developed over 30,000 quality-built, affordable homes for low-income Oregonians. 

This means that our members are housing over 74,000 Oregonians --enough to fill the City of Medford.

The total value of our members’ housing portfolio 
is over $1 billion
creating thousands of jobs & supporting the local economy 
in communities across Oregon.


Voting Membership is open to nonprofit Community Development Corporations (CDCs) and other nonprofit development, service, and technical assistance organizations.

50 of the most impactful housing and community development organizations in Oregon are Oregon ON Members

Where are Oregon ON Voting Members? 


           Voting Members



Affiliate Membership is open to any organization or individual who supports Oregon ON's mission.

Who are Oregon ON Affiliate Members?

Individuals, companies, and organizations who support and partner with our members to create more affordable housing and thriving communities in Oregon.

  • Local and state governments

  • Banks, lending institutions and tax credit syndicators 
  • Legal firms, insurance companies and other vendors
  •  Architects, construction companies and suppliers
  • Property management and social service organization
  • Fellow nonprofit organizations and community members
  • Housing Authorities and private developers who provide housing for people for whom the market does not provide

Affiliate Members

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