Sponsorship Opportunities: 2017 Awards Gala & Statewide Industry Support Conference

      Sponsors provide invaluable support for our year-round programs and seasonal events. 

There are plenty of sponsorship levels and opportunities available, including dual sponsorship discounts for our two fall events.

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For more information, please contact: 503-223-4041 

It takes a Network.

Combined, these two events gather over 700 community development and affordable  housing professionals,  advocates, and  partners from around the state.

Both events are a great time to boost  your presence in the affordable housing  and community development industries,  and  to reconnect with colleagues and  friends  from across Oregon.

Spring Conference:  April 18, 2017 at the Salem Convention Center, 8:30am-4:30pm

Fall Conference & Awards Gala:  September 18 & 19, 2017.  Both events are held at: Oregon Convention Center (Portland, Oregon)


The Gala attracts over 500 attendees for  a  special evening of celebration, awards, and networking. There are several sponsorship  levels, all of which include name recognition and a table for ten guests.


Both Industry Support Conferences unite over 300  industry professionals and leaders to engage in innovative ideas, best practices  and case studies, local and national industry trends and more, while enjoying networking time with peers and sponsors at lunch and throughout the day.

Sponsorship includes a display  table and track sponsor levels include the opportunity to address the audience at  training sessions (see below for more information).

Conference Track Sponsors

Higher level sponsorships include the opportunity to sponsor specific Conference Tracks.

Track sponsors offer opening remarks of the session, receive verbal recognition at lunch and visual representation on printed materials. The following six core tracks are always offered with a new focus each year.

1. Leadership & Policy: examples include succession and strategic planning, resource development, collaborations, equity and industry-related policy initiatives (healthcare & housing, federal/state policy changes, etc.)

2. Housing Development: examples include green building designs, life-cycle costing, case studies on different approaches to affordable housing, creating and monitoring pro formas, advocating for equity in development (displacement issues, inclusionary zoning, land use policies).

3. Fiscal Management: examples include policies and protocols for a paperless office, human resource management, understanding housing development and asset management, financial reporting for all departments/programs, insurance updates (required policies, coverage amounts, etc.)

4. Resident Services: examples include understanding poverty, immigration reform and implications, conflict resolution/active listening techniques, providing programming that bridges cultures, civil rights, creating effective surveys, basic grant writing for small requests

5. Property & Asset Management: examples include preparing capital needs assessments, understanding and negotiating cash flow, updates to HOME, rent assistance policies, writing effective Asset Management Plans, risk management

6. Homeownership Counseling & Education: examples include FHA’s Back to Work rules, housing market forecast, counseling/service delivery issues for communities of color, HUD updates and implications, the future of homeownership

Have an innovation or best practice to share?  Submit a proposal to present at the Industry Support Conference!  Proposals for the Spring Industry Support Conference are due June 30, 2017.  

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Oregon ON offers sponsorship opportunities at three annual events

Our Spring and Fall Industry Support Conferences, and our prestigious Awards Gala. Our Spring Conference is held outside of Portland, and our other two events are hosted in Portland.

Many of our sponsors are members, organizations that our members have been working with for decades to better their communities. Other sponsors are new to us, and we are pleased to learn about their work.

We are honored to build relationships and partner with those who are working hard in so many ways to build affordable housing and increase community development across Oregon.

Our sponsors include: financial institutions, nonprofits, health organizations, small businesses, architects and builders, government programs, law firms and accountants, and more. What they share in common is the core belief that housing gives people an opportunity to build better lives, and to succeed. everyone needs a place to call home.

Our Sponsorship program goals are:

  • Defraying event costs, thereby keeping ticket prices low for industry practitioners and increasing their participation - which strengthens the industry
  • Strengthening relationships in our industry by helping sponsors and members learn about each others' work
  • Strengthening our own relationships in the community
  • Supporting Oregon ON's core programs: Advocacy and Policy, Industry Support, and Communications

Would you like to get to know us?

We would like to get to know you and your valuable work in our industry.

For more information, please call:
(503) 223-4041

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It takes a Network.

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