Midyear Check-in: Portland Housing Bureau Director’s Message

from Traci Manning, Director, Portland Housing Bureau, 6/28/13

In looking back on the last six months at the Portland Housing Bureau, there is much to be thankful for and celebrate.

We had a rigorous budget session and will now work with a new Commissioner-in-Charge.

City Council faced difficult decisions as they worked to make up a $21.5 million budget shortfall while preserving funding that prioritizes vulnerable people. We appreciate Commissioner Nick Fish for his leadership and advocacy for safety net services. Commissioner Fish’s guidance will impact our bureau for years to come. He looks forward to working with our new Housing Commissioner in supporting our work.

Dan Saltzman, our new Commissioner-in-Charge, has experience and passion for working with vulnerable people. He has established relationships within the communities we serve to ensure our continued collaboration.

Looking forward, we are implementing “A Home for Everyone: A United Community Plan to End Homelessness in Multnomah County.” This provides a community-wide framework for ending homelessness. With our partners at Multnomah County, Home Forward, community nonprofits and the faith community, we can eliminate the barriers to housing that let everyone share in what makes our city great: people and community.

Thanks for your part in making Portland this place we call home. Check back for an update at the end of summer.