Leadership – Excellence – Achievement and Development, part of “Delivering Results, Developing Leaders”  — our exciting nine month leadership program designed to take on some of the toughest challenges facing the housing industry, and provide participants with tools to put to immediate use to take them on and achieve results!  LEAD ON is designed for senior-level staff who have the ability to effect change within their organization.

LEAD ON is ready to launch!

Eight emerging leaders from Oregon ON member organizations have been selected to participate in our 2015 LEAD ON cohort.

They will begin their journey of leadership development and tackling a performance challenge on April 9 and 10.  The experience continues with three additional cohort gatherings and a graduation celebration on the following dates:

– May 29, 2015

– August 7, 2015

– October 16, 2015

– January 22, 2016

This highly successful initiative is modeled after NeighborWorks America’s “Achieving Excellence” program at Harvard, using the challenge-based, performance-driven design of Doug Smith. Participants undertake solving a “Performance Challenge” (a tangible challenge that is affecting their organization right now) that will stretch them personally and professionally. Peer group support and one-on-one coaching sessions address the challenges that come with leadership and help participants achieve results.  At the end of nine months participants will clearly know what success looks like and be able to measure their accomplishments.

Some examples of past Performance Challenges:

  • Capture two quality expiring use developments in SW Oregon in the next nine months with an additional two in the following nine months while reducing the due diligence time frame to six months per project.
  • Increase tenant retention by 15%, as measured by number of households receiving lease compliance notices, number of households relocating, and a reduction in turnover costs.
  • Achieve a 50% reduction in direct labor costs to process traditional rehabilitation loans and complete an average of no less than two loans per month.

This “Performance Challenge” approach has been used for nearly 250 leaders in the CDC world through Achieving Excellence and NeighborWorks America.

“The landscape is changing within the community development world and we need to pro-actively prepare the next round of leadership so that they can take advantage of what has been accomplished and help move the industry forward.  LEAD ON is an excellent way to prepare the next round of industry leaders.  I would encourage your organization to consider sending your best and brightest to this year’s leadership forum.” Brian Stewart, Community Relations Officer for JPMorgan Chase

“Four of my employees participated in the first LEAD ON session and I am very impressed with the results. What I like about the program is that it gives participants an opportunity to work on challenges that they are facing in their daily work, and then it provides tools and training on how to meet those challenges. I highly recommend LEAD ON to my colleagues – both individuals and organizations get great return on this investment.” Dee Walsh, former Executive Director, REACH

LEAD ON Class of 2013


“The work is hard and can be tough, but through the leadership and communication with my coach, my focus on the performance challenge has been sharp and has produced some substantial results that support our equity goals at PHB.” Nate McCoy, Portland Housing Bureau

Questions? Contact Tanya Wolfersperger at Oregon Opportunity Network at 503-223-4041 x102 or via email.