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Oregon ON has the expertise and connections to: 

  • Secure new housing resources. 

  • Advocate and shape policy that benefits the industry and member missions.
  • Implement best practices that make organizations more efficient and effective.
  • Build partnerships that will help the affordable housing industry achieve its highest levels of success. 
  • Keep the industry connected, informed, and working together for shared goals.

When you join Oregon ON, you become part of a powerful, coordinated effort to raise the affordable housing industry to its highest levels of success, and to give all Oregonians the opportunity to succeed in life!

Thank you for considering Membership. It takes a Network!

Voting Membership 

Voting Membership is open to nonprofit Community Development Corporations (CDCs) and other nonprofit development, service, and technical assistance organizations. 

Our Voting Members create and manage affordable housing, facilitate homeownership, promote neighborhood stability and improvement, develop jobs, and provide opportunities for economic self-sufficiency for residents and communities throughout Oregon. 

Voting membership is a good choice for organizations interested in working on policy issues, and/or participating in industry support peer working groups.

Benefits of Voting Membership Include:

  • Active role in management and direction of Oregon ON.

  • Active role in developing and advocating for housing and community development policy. 
  • Active role in developing the industry support training agenda and opportunity to participate in voting member only trainings and forums. 
  • Recognition at the Oregon ON Annual Awards Gala. 
  • Discounts to Industry Support Conferences and other trainings and events

  • Free webcams, teleconferencing support, and travel reimbursements to participate in Oregon ON meetings and events.
  • Listing of your organization and events on our website. 
  • Highlighting your work in our monthly E-Newsletter.
  • Posting and distributing your job openings. 
  • Invitations to member-only trainings and events.
See full details: Voting Membership benefits information

Affiliate Membership

Affiliate Members are individuals and organizations interested in and/or committed to access to housing for all Oregonians. 

Affiliate Members are:

  • Local and State governments that partner with our members to provide housing and economic opportunity to low income Oregonians.

  • Banks, lending institutions and tax credit syndicators that invest in our members’ housing and communities.
  • Legal firms and insurance companies that work with our members.
  • Architects and construction companies that design and build our members’ housing.
  • Property management and social service organizations who help make our members’ housing successful.
  • Community members and allies working to increase housing and opportunity in Oregon.
  • Housing Authorities and housing developers who seek to provide housing for people the market does not provide for.

Benefits of Affiliate Membership

  • Stay connected through the twice-yearly Industry Support Conferences, the Gala, the monthly E-Newsletter.

  • Public Forums (for Portland groups).
  • Member-only events and trainings.
  • Connect with a broad network of nonprofit housing developers and community development organizations throughout the state.
  • Stay informed on local, regional and national housing and community development news and policy through our monthly electronic newsletter, Portland Public Forums, and our website.
  • Support the coordinated advocacy to create public awareness and political support for community development work.
  • Be recognized on our website, brochure, Annual Report, and annual Gala
  • Receive discounts at our annual Gala, Conference, and other events
  • Membership is a tax-deductible donation
See full details: Affiliate Membership benefits

For more information, please contact our office at (503) 223-4041 

For more information on Memberships, please contact Tanya Wolfersperger via email: or phone: (503) 223-4041 ext. 102

For more information on memberships us at (503) 223-4041

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It takes a Network.

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