OHCS Director Salazar shares 2017 strategic goals

Tuesday, April 11, 2017 4:45 PM | Anonymous

From the April 7th Director's Message

Guided by the following principles – partnership is central to our work and equity matters – OHCS developed the following goals that will focus our work throughout this year: 

  1. Build a stronger OHCS that engages, supports, and challenges employees. 
  2. Build a stronger OHCS that engages and serves our communities. 
  3. Work to close the affordable housing gap for low-income households.
  4. Prevent and reduce statewide poverty and homelessness. 
  5. Reduce home energy costs and improve housing affordability through Energy Services programs. 
  6. Expand access to homeownership with modest incomes; in particular to bridge the minority homeownership gap. 
  7. Work to avoid and resolve foreclosures.
Each goal is supported by action items that illustrate the specific actions OHCS will undertake to meet our goals. I want to recognize and thank OHCS leadership and staff for their hard work on developing these goals. The Strategic Goal implementation will include a robust regular “report out” mechanism to engage staff and leaders to use data to track their progress, to report on and celebrate successes, and identify and address roadblocks. Progress will be regularly shared with the Housing Stability Council and our stakeholders. I look forward to updating you on our work throughout the year and welcome your feedback. 

Download the OHCS 2017 goals document here

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